Giving Back Today


Momentum Waikato Community Foundation connects generous people who want to make a profound difference in our community with projects that create enduring, transformational legacies. As we approach the end of the financial year, have you considered giving back now and receiving 33.33% tax benefit from your generosity?

We work with donors from all walks of life and offer simple giving solutions that align with your charitable interests and values. How you wish to direct your generosity is up to you - we will tailor a solution to ensure your giving has maximum impact.

You can choose to have your gift distributed as a lump sum immediately, or have it invested permanently with distributions made annually forever, or a combination of both so you create impact now and forever. We will work with you, your family, your trust and your advisors to fulfill your charitable giving goals whilst providing you with maximum tax benefits. Read more in our Guide to Giving.

Here are some examples of how your gift’s will help to make the Waikato a better place for everyone, forever:

Vital Impact: Your gift will be distributed through the Vital Impact Programme to invest in significant intergenerational, transformational change projects in and for the Waikato, ensuring the long-term vitality of our community.

Case Study: Cheryl, our CEO, gives back 10% of her salary through payroll giving. Each year 5% of the returns from Cheryl’s fund is contributed to the Vital Waikato Grant, which invests in enduring, transformational projects. Cheryl also has the choice to gift a lump sum of her fund towards a particular Vital Waikato project that she favours. With this solution, Cheryl knows that her gift will go towards the area of greatest impact in the Waikato community, ensuring a transformational contribution to the community now and forever.

Donor Advised: Your gift will be distributed in support of your favourite charity or charities.

Case Study: Two families have generously donated to the Hamilton Gardens development. Longtime residents of Hamilton and founders of Prolife Foods, Bernie and Kay Crosby are delighted to support the Gardens with a donation sent through Momentum Waikato. Jon and Sue Tanner found their philanthropic niche in contributing a gift to the planned tennis court as part of the new Mansfield Garden.

Your Mix: Your gift will be distributed, based on your wishes, to a combination of chosen charities and the Vital Impact Programme. For example 50% of your gift could go to your chosen charities and 50% to the Vital Impact Programme.

Case Study: Creating a tailor-made giving plan for our anonymous donor, Mrs X, meant that her philanthropic aspirations were made a reality within her lifetime. This generous donor has created a significant fund that will offer opportunities for educational scholarships for the next 20 years for Pacifika girls in the Waikato. In 20 year’s time her fund will be re-directed to the Vital Education fund within the Vital Impact Programme, with a focus on education for Pacifika students.

As we approach the end of the financial year, you may be thinking about utilising Momentum Waikato for your philanthropic giving. The New Zealand tax system encourages charitable giving by offering tax benefits for both individual and corporate giving. Individual charitable donations – including those made through payroll giving – are eligible for a 33.33% tax credit. Corporate donations are eligible for tax deductions. In both cases, the donations must be made to an eligible entity such as Momentum Waikato Community Foundation, a registered charitable trust.

Momentum Waikato is committed to serving donors by providing professional philanthropic advice, working with you to ensure your gift will create sustainable and transformational change in the community. If you want to learn more about what it means to be a philanthropist and the impact your generosity can make now and forever in our community, get in touch with our Donor Services Manager, Raewyn Kirkman today. Call us on 07 834 0404 or email