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TaxGift grows your donations at no cost to you

TaxGift is an easy way to re-gift the tax credit your donation generates. 

Signing up means your donation will make an even bigger impact for Momentum Waikato, at no extra cost to you! 

It takes less than a minute to sign up and then there’s nothing more for you to do – we’ll work with the team at TaxGift to claim the tax credit, ensuring your donation automatically goes further in growing a Fund in our care or fueling our community projects!

How it works

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Momentum Waikato has partnered with TaxGift, so it is easy to opt-in! 

Simply click here or the button above and below for a one-time simple opt-in. 

You will then be a TaxGift donor for all future donations you may make to or via Momentum Waikato - it is that easy!

Join us - grow the impact of your donation and help us create a better Waikato for everyone, forever!

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What is a donation tax credit?

An eligible donor (being an individual who is a NZ tax resident during the tax year) may claim up to 33.33 cents for every dollar that they have donated to charities, schools or other approved “donor organisations”. Donations must not be linked to any benefit to the donor or his/her family, and must not be made as part of a bequest or debt forgiveness. A donor can only claim the extent that taxable income is more than the donation amount and the donation must be more than $5.

What does opting into TaxGift mean for me as a donor?

When you opt in to TaxGift, you are appointing TaxGift as your tax agent for the sole purpose of claiming tax credits on eligible donations to Momentum Waikato. This appointment allows TaxGift to prepare and file an IR526 (a donation-specific tax return) with Inland Revenue on your behalf to claim the available tax credits. This does not affect any other tax agents that you might have appointed for other reasons (for example, if you have an accountant that does your income tax returns).

How long do I opt in as a donor and how do I terminate?

If opted in, you are a TaxGift donor until you terminate your TaxGift appointment by emailing