Waikato VITAL SIGNS 2016

Waikato Vital Signs is a tool that can mobilise the power of community knowledge for greater local impact. It comes from the internationally recognised Vital Signs programme and measures social, environmental, cultural and economic trends in the Waikato, and our attitude towards those trends. 

If you'd like some hard copies of the report or posters to display in your office, lunch room, or waiting room, please contact us.

How to use waikato vital signs

Engage: Take the time to engage with this report and reflect on the information it provides - what does it mean for our people, our organisation and our community?

Connect: Powerful social change starts with a spark. Share this report with anyone and everyone. Use it as a conversation starter within your organisation, with elected officials, with your employers, and with family and friends. Knowledge is power - the more we talk about and share this information, the more potential it has to generate change. 

Take action: Collaborate, motivate and take action using the information that means something to you. There are dozens of organisations and groups in the Waikato who do amazing things, and they could benefit from your support and generosity.