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A desire for her and her siblings’ grandchildren to have an equal opportunity to achieve is why Nancy Caiger got involved in an initiative focused on the needs and aspirations of local women and girls.

The Waikato Women’s Fund, which is enabled by the Momentum Waikato Community Foundation, was launched with a gala event at The Meteor in Hamilton in late July. A philanthropist in her own right, Nancy is also a keen member of the Fund’s establishment team.

“I wanted my gifts to provide some leverage, a base that others can build upon in the years ahead.”

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As a founding trustee of Momentum Waikato, Jon believes in the foundation’s role in connecting generous people to causes that matter to them, and endowing charities throughout the Waikato region through the power of collective giving. Jon and Sue believe Momentum Waikato is the ideal vehicle for their philanthropic gifts as it makes giving simple. Most importantly, by directing their charitable giving through the foundation during their lifetimes, they are able to give to any cause they choose and enjoy the pleasure it provides for others.


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“To put a world-class theatre right in the heart of the CBD, right next to the food precinct is brilliant,” she says. “The way it engages the river as well as the CBD, I think it’s great.”

Charlotte hopes her donation will encourage other members of the public to do the same.  She feels if we want Hamilton to be a more creative and inspiring place, we all need to contribute somehow. Often volunteering is the way to contribute - but Charlotte thinks if people can put money in, they should. She believes general philanthropy needs to be encouraged.


"Naau te rourou, naaku te rourou, ka ora ai te manuhi".

"With your basket, and my basket, the people will live".


Your donation allows us to achieve our vision of "A Better Waikato for everyone, forever".

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