Giving back to the community has always been important to John and Bunny Mortimer who have created their own permanent fund through Momentum Waikato to ensure the future development of Taitua Arboretum.

Known as New Zealand’s Tree People, John and Bunny have many environmental credits to their names and wanted to ensure their lifelong efforts will continue to bloom in perpetuity. They recently created a permanent fund of $100,000 through Momentum Waikato to be used specifically to fund the development of Taitua Arboretum, one of the most beautiful and celebrated woodland parks in the Waikato. The arboretum was created over many decades by the couple on a 50-acre family paddock, which was then gifted to the city of Hamilton in 1997. The permanent fund represents their utmost trust in the foundation for the future safekeeping of their life's work, and the couple also asked Momentum Waikato to distribute a further $20,000 donation as a pass-through donation, split evenly between five conservation charities.

Once the Mortimers understood how they could quickly and easily set up a permanent fund and also channel additional charitable donations directly through Momentum Waikato to their chosen charities, the choice to direct all of their philanthropic giving through the new community foundation was easy. "It was the obvious choice for us, knowing Taitua Arboretum can continue to be developed for as long as it exists, as well as being able to support through Momentum Waikato five other conservation charities that are very dear to our hearts" Bunny said.  And to fully future-proof their fund, the Mortimers also decided that, should the arboretum cease to exist in the future, their perpetual fund can be used to support other environmental projects in the Waikato region through Momentum's Vital Environment Fund.


What you decide to do with your own Gift Plan is entirely up to you – we will tailor a giving solution to meet your wishes. You can choose to have your gift distributed as a lump sum immediately, or have it invested permanently with distributions made annually forever, or a combination of both so you create impact now and forever. You can also strategically target your generosity to have greatest long-term impact through our Vital Impact Programme, or support your favourite charities, or a combination of both. We are here to fulfill your wishes and the choice is yours. Read our Guide to Giving.

If you wish to discuss leaving a living or legacy gift for our community please contact Janice Lapwood, Donors and Community.

If you would like to make a donation directly to Momentum Waikato Community Foundation:

  • The Foundation’s bank account details are 12-3476-0003665-50
  • The Foundation's charity registration number is CC49535

As donations over $2.00 are tax deductible by 33%, please email to have your receipt issued.

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