Recommended location announced for Waikato Regional Theatre

The recommended location for the new Waikato Regional Theatre has been announced as the Hamilton Hotel site on Victoria St, Hamilton, and the community’s feedback on this is being sought.

The privately-owned site currently has a range of restaurants and bars and is bordered by Embassy Park (with the Riff Raff statue) on one side and Sapper Moore-Jones Place (formerly Marlborough Pl) on the other, and runs down to the river. A new theatre development would look to restore the facade of the old Hamilton Hotel, which is recognised as a heritage building.

Momentum Waikato’s Chairman Hits the Right Note for New Theatre

Momentum Waikato Community Foundation encourages generosity in our community, helping people and organisations to be a part of creating a better Waikato for everyone forever. The Foundation is committed to serving as a convener and connector, providing a simple vehicle for generous contributions to strategic transformational projects within the Waikato region.

Measuring our communities’ pulse through Waikato Vital Signs

The first community engagement sessions for Waikato Vital Signs will take place across the 2016 pilot region during May. Waikato Vital Signs is a community checkup that reports on the social, environmental, cultural, and economic well being of our communities, and the engagement sessions will serve to join the dots between statistical information and what matters most to people living in our communities.