Many donors prefer to take an holistic approach to their wealth management - one that includes philanthropy as a part of their portfolio. Momentum Waikato is here to help you help your clients to achieve their goals for giving.

When you work with us to serve your clients, you can further develop your relationships with them, expand your services, and connect with multiple family members and generations. You'll also gain full access to the philanthropic expertise your clients are looking for. Importantly, you'll always maintain the primary relationship with your clients. We offer:

  • A service: You can consider us part of your extended team, working with you in any way you choose to help you serve your clients, without any charge to you.
  • Tips for asking the giving question: We realise that talking about philanthropy and personal generosity with clients isn't always easy. We can offer some tips on how and when to bring up a topic that's increasingly more important to your clients.
  • Expertise: We are knowledgeable about all aspects of charitable giving, including community issues, complex gifts, vehicles for giving, and the impact of philanthropy on tax planning, retirement, or sale of a business.