Our Team



Chief Executive

My Dad once told me "If you can shake hands and laugh with the workers and the Mayor in the same day, you will do well in this world". The Waikato's greatest opportunity is to leverage and coordinating its many strengths - the economy, environment and most importantly, it's people.  Enabling this opportunity requires brokering the alignment of those strengths to address areas of need. Momentum Waikato is uniquely positioned to play this role, co-ordinating generous donors with transformative projects. I am humbled to have this opportunity to action my Fathers advice and bring people together to make Waikato the most generous region on the planet.




Development Director

The Waikato Region is my heart and soul having grown up in the regions and settling on the outskirts of the city.  I am passionate about building a culture of philanthropy and have always been encouraging of our family members to give back to the communities that have served us well.  I see my role at the Momentum Foundation as the perfect complement to these values and are excited to be working for such a forward-thinking organisation.



Office Manager

The Waikato is where my family has consciously chosen to make our home, and we feel very fortunate to live here. It is exciting to be a part of a growing region and rewarding to work within an organisation that helps facilitate positive impact in our communities. By having empathy for others and thinking philanthropically, we can create change.


Mark Servian

Communication Advisor

Hamilton is a great ‘little big city’ that is culturally defined by its creative tension between provincialism and cosmopolitanism, long may we not resolve it! The Waikato keeps us honest, not being Auckland makes us happy and the jealous hassling we get from the rest of New Zealand continues to be ‘water off a duck’s back’. Momentum Waikato is just what is needed to move this town to the next level, a place that can take on the world, but you can still know everybody.