Momentum Waikato offers the opportunity to existing charitable, family and corporate trusts along with other agencies to transfer the operation and management of their trust to the Foundation.

In the process of transferring your trust, we will work with you and your current trustees to address any issues and concerns, developing a tailor-made plan that provides the level of control and involvement you require.

Once the trust is transferred, it becomes a named fund of the Momentum Waikato Community Foundation.

The named fund will have no loss of identity or purpose but will gain expert legal and financial management, experienced and knowledgeable grantmaking, and dedicated fund management support.

We will keep you up to date with the continuing great work that is being undertaken as a result of your generosity. As well as annual financial reporting, there is the option of receiving impact reports, having catch-ups with grantees or engaging in site visits at projects.

To understand how you can transfer your trust and still create a lasting legacy, here is an example of a UK community foundation that now manages the transferred Enid Blyton Fund.