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Waikato Vital Signs

Waikato Vital Signs® is a community check-up that reports on the social, environmental, cultural and economic wellbeing of our communities, joining the dots between statistical information and what matters most to the people ‘living on the ground’.

Vital Signs® is coordinated internationally by Community Foundations of Canada and the Vital Signs® trademark is used with their permission.

The Waikato Vital Signs® 2020 Report can be viewed and downloaded via the links below, either as a full report or in sections, along with the associated data and consultation materials and the 2016 Report.

  • Children and Youth;

  • Strong Communities;

  • Culture and Arts;

  • Economy Vitality;

  • Education;

  • Environment;

  • Health;

  • Recreation and Sport.

Waikato Vital Signs

The purpose of the Waikato Vital Signs Reports:

  • strengthen our collective understanding of, and connections within, Waikato communities;

  • inform and support decision-making by identifying and communicating key priorities and aspirations of Waikato communities;

  • connect philanthropic and grant-making organisations with the social enterprises and change-makers that can address the key community needs and opportunities.

Download the Waikato Vital Signs 2020 Full Report