Concept designs for new Waikato Regional Theatre released

The concept designs for the new Waikato Regional Theatre have been released, showing an increase in seat numbers following public feedback.

The designs, prepared by international theatre consultants Charcoalblue on behalf of Momentum Waikato, have detailed floor plans, elevations and more detailed concepts, adding to the initial designs released in 2017.

Read more in our latest media release.

Design Concept Phase Started

Full funding has been secured for the Design Concept Phase, and this started last week. The Governance Panel will continue to oversee works to make sure we provide the best options for a world-class theatre.   

Our theatre design consultants Charcoalblue have formed a team of local and international experts and consultants to create more detailed concepts which will include floor plans and elevations, and will take into consideration feedback from the public and stakeholders on the Feasibility Study.

We were delighted to host Andy Hayles, Charcoalblue’s London Managing Partner in October. Andy presented to a Waikato Chamber of Commerce breakfast showcasing some of the projects he and the team of theatre design experts have worked on over the years, including a few upcoming projects. Find his presentation below.

Community Feedback Sessions

The feedback sessions from around the region went very well.  With support from the Creative Waikato Team and the Stakeholder Agency we received feedback from just over 200 people in the region about the concept proposed in the Stage One Feasibility Study. 

User groups, patrons and ratepayers commented on all aspects of the recommendations made public in a Feasibility Report in August.  Topics such as functionality, accessibility, location, and benefits to the wider community were discussed, along with many more. The feedback will feed into the design concept teams work, and be reviewed and considered in this stage of the design process. The summary report can be found below if you would like to review the feedback.

Funding Partners and Community Donors

On 14 December Hamilton City Council will make a decision on the inclusion of the Waikato Regional Theatre in the Long Term Plan (LTP). The LTP will go to public consultation in March. 

By the end of March  we need to have confidence we have sufficient community funds and sponsorship pledged to enable the Theatre to become a reality. We are happy to say that joining Trust Waikato, and their grant of $15 Million, we have some key leadership donors on board. We will be meeting more donors in the new year to provide more information about the project and ways to support.



Thanks to H3 to supplying this video, highlighting the National Symphony Orchestra taking their largest truck and mapping out circles and the parameters they'll work within when they use the new theatre.


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