Our Team

Chief Executive

I love the Waikato. This community and this land is my paradise on earth – it’s a special place that I am proud to call my home. So for me it is truly an honour to be able to help build and shape Momentum Waikato as our community's foundation from the very start, which will be here for our children and all future generations.


Donor and Community Engagement

I am often heard in the office saying "I love my job”. It aligns perfectly with what I value most when I am wearing my other community ‘hats’, including Rotary, Sport Waikato and Hospice Waikato. It’s about good people doing good, which is what I treasure most about what we do at Momentum Waikato.


Strategic Initiatives

As the second employee of Momentum Waikato, it's the most exciting opportunity to support our team and Board to build the region's community foundation. My dream is to see young people thrive in the Waikato with meaningful relationships, accessible growth opportunities, pathways to be generous, and positive well-being.


Funding and Development

“Make a difference” is a phrase I have been determined to live by for a few years now. I believe when we share our knowledge, experience and time with others we can ensure the Waikato is a vibrant place to live and play – today and into the future. I am passionate about the work Momentum Waikato does and the impact we can have in the region.


Office Manager

The Waikato to me is a beautiful, family oriented paradise where my family has made our home. I love how the region is growing and I am honoured to be part of the Momentum Waikato team, where I can help make a difference to our region and do my part in creating a better Waikato for everyone, forever.