If you want to make a real and lasting difference now and forever in our community, Momentum Waikato has a new high-impact solution for you – the Vital Impact Programme.

We believe the Waikato region is the first in the world to launch this unique giving approach. Your generous gift will work together with other donations from throughout our community, pooling and strategically targeting your funds for transformational and intergenerational impact where it matters most.

The Vital Impact Programme invests in positive transformational change for current and future generations, and it consists of three elements:

1. Waikato Future Fund

Every Waikato person has an opportunity to give together, for a better Waikato for everyone, forever. Your generous gift will be pooled alongside other gifts and invested, so that we can all have the greatest possible impact on our community’s most vital needs and aspirations. You can truly feel part of a community-wide generosity movement that takes action today, and will do so for many generations to come.

2. Waikato Vital Signs®

Internationally recognised, our ‘state-of-the-region’ Waikato Vital Signs report tells a holistic story of the social, environmental, cultural, and economic well-being of our communities, joining the dots between statistical information and what matters most to our communities. The report will be published longitudinally and can be used to track impact over time.

3. Vital Waikato Grant

The Vital Waikato Grant is smart strategic philanthropy at its best. The grant identifies and supports carefully selected intergenerational initiatives that respond to our communities’ highest priorities. Using your gift together with others, significant funds are carefully targeted at a small number of transformational change projects that positively impact on our communities’ highest priorities, informed by the Waikato Vital Signs report.

As a philanthropist, you have may different choices available when it comes to gifting your money. So, why choose Momentum Waikato’s Vital Impact Programme? Your gift will:

  • Increase impact. As other donors and the wider community also give, the effect of your generosity is magnified and multiplied.
  • Make a difference. Waikato Vital Signs identifies our communities needs and aspirations, meaning you can have confidence that your donation will have a major impact on our community’s aspirations for future generations.
  • Become part of a generosity movement. Because every Waikato person has an opportunity to participate – a child with $10 pocket money can team up with a person who gives 10% of their salary, or a successful business leader who gives $10m, alongside many other generous Waikato people who wish to collectively support significant projects – taking action and making a difference together.
  • Show leadership in philanthropy. We believe that the Waikato region is the first in the world to launch this unique giving approach. Together we will create a legacy that demonstrates international leadership in philanthropy.